Call of Cthulhu: Letters from Arkham

Role Playing Journals 2014-03-02
ASU Campaign - Providence, R.I.

I’ve posted journal entries for the first session of a new campaign. They can be found here:

Investigators were:

Mary-Jane Holland (researcher) – Caitlin
John McKeefe (burglar) – John

Role Playing Journal

Role Playing Journals for the new campaign in North Carolina are here:

Characters so far:

Grover Jones Mechanic (JEFF SMITH) – Mauled to death by a dead woman 2/22/1928
Thomas Vanderholdt Researcher (KEN WOODY)
Alan O’Shea Private Investigator (STEVE TURNER)
Michael O’Shea Investigative Reporter (ERIK HUFFINE)
Dr. Herbert Loomis Professor of Medieval History – Boston University (JEFF SMITH)

One backup character has made an appearance, but mostly as an NPC

Albert Taft Student (STEVE TURNER)

Role Playing Journal

RPG Journals are still available (and kept up) here:

Edge of Darkness is the most current game I’ve run with a group in High Point, N.C. I’ll note when we play our second game (scheduled for the end of February).

Role Playing Journals

Journals for this game can be found here:

Please note that games I play in are marked “Todd’s Game” or “Eric’s Game” or the like. My own game blogs only have the titles.


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