William H. Pendergast IV

Rich, young dilettante


Dashingly handsome and very polite, kind, and giving, William is a nice fellow. He has not yet met a woman to marry, but feels he still has plenty of time. He knows that after his 25th birthday (in 1925), he will “come of age” and take over the family business. He stands 5’11" tall and weighs about 180 pounds. He is very intelligent and down to earth, though he has a terrible time keeping a secret and can be a terrible gossip.


William Pendergast is not quite rich. His family has been rich since his great grandfather (William H. Pendergast I) made his fortune 50 years ago. William, himself, attended Charing Cross College in New Hampshire and then Harvard University for a while before doing his graduate work at Brown University. After graduating, he stayed in Providence where most of his friends were from. He is due to his “coming of age” in the family soon, where he will start to take over the family business. He lives in a small apartment (where he is comfortable) living off a trust fund his parents set up. He gives away much of his money.

He has a Masters in Business though he has forgotten most of what he learned.

William H. Pendergast IV

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