Black, Unnamed Book Translation

Author unknown (Roger Martinson?) - Date unknown (1690’s?) Translation 1922.


English typewritten. Author unknown (Roger Martinson?) – Date unknown (1690’s?) Translation 1922.

A manila envelope filled with approximately 300 pages, neatly typewritten. It speaks of the worship of Father Dagon and Mother Hydra and of a sacrifice necessary to keep the fishing good around Monhegan Island. A yearly ceremony on June 15 consists of tying down a man and a woman with fishing nets to the altar near the standing stones. Then a single young girl from the island, a “neried” or “sea nymph” the book calls her, imbibes a potion and assist in calling the servants of Dagon and Hydra out of the sea. The sacrifices are be taken down to the gods and good fishing would follow for the year. The text contains the ceremony officiated by Martinson.

“ … Ia! Ia! Come to us! Come to us! We call on thee to take these offerings to Father and Mother. Take these gifts to Dagon and Hydra. We offer them to renew our service. We offer them to renew our lives. Ia! Ia! …”


Found in the home of Roger Martinson on Monhegan Island, Maine, by Benjamin Willows, Edmund Parker, Liam Smith, and Daryl James in mid-June 1925.

Black, Unnamed Book Translation

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