Brian Timmons' Journal


English by Brian Timmons, 1924 and 1925

This slim, untitled volume contains details of Brian Timmons’ investigations into his family’s past. In it are names, birth dates, a few scribbled comments, and several half-completed genealogy charts. The most important pieces of information to be gleaned from it are:

• Brian is very interested in his ancestor, Douglas Timmons, who was run out of Salem in colonial times for “loathsome and un-Christian practices.”

• The location of the secret grave of Douglas Timmons is about a half mile east of the Woonsocket farmhouse.

• The location of an old tower near the river is about a half mile to the south, 200 years from the riverbank. Brian’s interest in the tower is not explained.


Found in the Woonsocket House of Brian Timmons.

Brian Timmons' Journal

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