De Vermiis Mysteriis

Ludwig Prinn - 1542


“Mysteries of the Worm”
Latin. Ludwig Prinn – 1542

Bound in black leather and silver, the book is over 700 pages long and broken into 16 chapters. The book was the life’s work of noted magus and heretic Ludwig Prinn and published in Cologne shortly after his death. Prinn wrote it while living in an abandoned pre-Roman tomb outside Brussels, attended by invisible companions and “star-sent servants.” In the first chapter, Prinn claims to be a veteran of the 9th crusade some 300 years earlier.

The 16 chapters each have a specific topic: elementals, divination, necromancy, thanatology. Later chapters deal with Prinn’s travels.


Found in the home of Roger Martinson on Monhegan Island, Maine, by Benjamin Willows, Edmund Parker, Liam Smith, and Daryl James in mid-June 1925.

De Vermiis Mysteriis

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