Granelli's Notes Translation

George Gino Granelli


English typewritten translation circa 1926

A manila folder holes typewritten manuscript of notes written in Italian of George Gino Granelli’s travels in the South Seas and explorations of South America. It tells of his time with the Jivaro Indians and describes several spells he learned.

Specifically, the notes tell of his sailing to the Pacific to revisit the Ponape Islands, as his ancestor had done under the command of Captain Obed Marsh. He found that the tribe members had all been killed by the neighboring islanders. On his return, he jumped ship in Ecuador and traveled inland where he was captured by the Jivaro Indians. They were about to kill him when they discovered his statue of Cthulhu, whom they called Choc-Tula, their own god. Following his release, he stayed with them, learning their language, customs, and much of their magic.

The notes also detail how to create two poisons – curare from tree bark and arrowhead poison from the tree frog.


Chip Mathers commissioned Edwardo Tarentino to translate Granelli’s notes. He recieved his copy of the translation from a very disturbed Tarentino on Oct. 15, 1926.

Granelli's Notes Translation

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