Liber de Portos

Author unknown - Date unknown (1620’s?)


Latin with Spanish footnotes. Author unknown – Date unknown (1620’s?)

The Liber de Portos is bound in thick leather and bears metal clasps.

The book is a well-written, albeit confusing book of Yog-Sothoth. It refers to the “Keeper of the Key,” the “Keeper of the Gate,” and the “Keeper of the Key who Keeps the Gate.” It was written by Spanish cultists who founded the temple on the mesa near Las Portos and is the only copy in existence.


This book was found on a mesa near the village of Las Portos, Mexico, in a tomb under the nearby nameless village by Chip Mathers, Professor Beaurigard Johanson, Victoria Vale (deceased), Geoffrey McKinley, Elliot Macy, Benjamin Willows, Liam Smith, Leaf Johanson (deceased), and Henry Walker on April 4, 1926.

Liber de Portos

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