Manila Folder: “Creation Technique”


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The full title of the manuscript is “Intracellular Transformation Pathways.” The first section (Read English roll) summaries how the process is performed. A victim is first injected with the variety of drugs listed below. If the mind of the victim is to be functionally retained, the Mood Flattener is also injected; if not, the Mind Destroyer poison is given to induce severe brain damage, yet not kill the victim, resulting in a living body without a mind. The victim is then immersed in a transformation vat, which reduces the body over a period of time to proto-shoggoth tissue. The amount of drugs and electricity must be precisely controlled to achieve the desired effect.

The following drugs and their effects are listed in the manuscript.

Proto-Shoggoth Catalyst: This drug is the threshold agent which prepares the human body to transform into proto-shoggoth tissue when exposed to the proper solvents. While the drug itself does no damage, immersion in the vats without this drug results in instant death.

Cellular Accelerator: This formula is easier to figure out than the others. The ingredients are available from any large lab and a normal dose of the product costs approximately $10 for ingredients. The process of manufacture requires about six hours of time, during which the chemist must be present at all times. Any amount of the drug may be made in a single batch – the only limitation is in the size and quality of the chemist’s laboratory, which must be fairly good and expensive.

Injection with the formula speeds up the healing powers of the body. However, if the body is not fit enough (or even sometimes if it is) the potion can be deadly. If it goes wrong, muscle and joint pains will be felt within 30 minutes. The first tumors appear within a few hours. Within a day, the victim will be reduced to a massive pile of suppurating flesh, and after up to three more days of torture, he will die.

Cellular Solvent: This formula, which can be used an ingested poison or splashed or poured on a victim, is poisonous and acts to dissolve anything organic.

Mind Destroyer: An organic drug, the chemical is injected in successive doses, as too large a dose all at once can cause death. Usually, at least four or five doses are necessary to prepare the typical subject for transformation into proto-shoggoth material.

Mood Flattener: It is noted that this drug is injected only if the victim is to retain his mind after being transformed. It causes the mind to be able to view the most bizarre happenings with no chance of an insane reaction. The drug temporarily kills all emotion in the brain. The user feels no emotion, neither fear, nor pity, nor anything else for 12 to 25 minutes of taking the injection.


Found at Holmes Sanitarium in the safe of Dr. Freygan.

Manila Folder: “Creation Technique”

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