Greek by Unknown Author

This Greek papyrus scrolls is handwritten and so old and worn that it might easily be destroyed by rough handling. If roughly handled, the handler must make a DEX x 3 or destroy the work.

A rambling collection of prehuman history, myths, and legends, the work is an amazingly rare translation that the Pnakotic Fragments was derived from. In most places, it is known only by reputation and is nearly as informative as the Necronomicon.

Many trace the Pnakotic manuscripts to ancient Lomar and it is said that the Lomarians were the first “men” and that they leaned their secrets from the “Great Winged Ones who visited them and helped them. There is some indication in the scrolls that the hieroglyphics used are those of some prehuman crinoids that gave birth to all earthly life. The legend of these beings coming to help mankind is probably no more than that, possibly provoked by the ancestral memories.


Found in a squatter’s camp near Greenwood, R.I. just northwest of Providence.


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