Roderick Cromguard - 1920s


English in single volume circa 1920’s

Small book that is the most recent of Roderick Cromguard’s journals and tells of his fight against all things dark and deadly. Briefly recalls story of his murdering of his family and flight from Blackwell. Some stories of his other battles with forces of the Mythos and mentions Nyogtha and Nyarlathotep numerous times. Last few pages tell of his plan to return home, use the sign of the burning eye to seal the well of Nyogtha, use the Tikkoun Elixir on the god if it shows itself, and then blow up his ancestral home.


This book was recovered on May 5, 1925, by Benjamin Willows, Elliot Macy, and Chip Mathers when Deputy Harold Swan burst into Willows’ office at the University Exhibit Museum of Miskatonic University after Willows’ ordeal in Blackwell. Swan called out Willows’ name and then dropped dead. The book was in the briefcase that he was carrying, along with dynamite.


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