True Magick

Theophilus Wenn - 17th Century


English by Theophilus Wenn 17th century
Handwritten original first copy. (Probably one of a kind)

This is a small, crumbling hard-bound manuscript, nonetheless described as a veritable encyclopedia of devil’s lore. Thought to be a primer of the dark arts containing various spells, the writer’s name is also thought to be a pseudonym. The work contains references to demons, vampires, possession, enchantments, witchcraft, holocaust rites, and human sacrifice. It also supposedly contained protection spells, spells for use against enemies, and a summoning spell of some kind.

It is somewhat shorter than the version published by Oakley Press in 1872 so may be a copy of the original.


Taken from the house of Benjamin Willows’ neighbor, Bernard Corbitt, on June 1, 1925.

True Magick

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