Untitled 17th Century Fragment by Pierre Borel

By Pierre Borel - 17th Century


Latin by Pierre Borel, 17th Century

This work is very old and in poor condition. It deals largely with spiritual and physical immortality, physical transformations, and the like. The book is by the little-known 17th century French physician Pierre Borel, who had devised a hypothetical means by which the dead could be restored to life. By reducing the dead subject‘s body to its essential salts and performing a simple procedure, the dust would reform and restore the dead man to life. Borel “Latinized” is Borellus, sometimes erroneously identified as a medieval alchemist.

A passage from the work reads: “The essential Saltes of Animals may be so prepared and preserved, that an ingenious Man may have the whole Ark of Noah in his owne Studie, and raise the find Shape of an Animal out of its Ashes at his Pleasure, and by the lyke Method from the essential Saltes of humane Dust, a Philosopher may, without any mannour of criminal Necromancy, call up the Shape of any dead Ancestour from the Dust whereinto his Bodie has been incinerated.”


This was recovered from the basement of Michael Felder in Martin’s Beach, Massachusetts, on August 30, 1926, by Professor Beaurigard Johanson, Dr. Katie Brooks, and Chip Mathers.

Untitled 17th Century Fragment by Pierre Borel

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