Untitled fragment from Nicholas Melchior

By Nicholas Melchior - Undated


Latin by Nicholas Melchior, undated

This work is very old and in poor condition. It deals largely with spiritual and physical immortality, physical transformations, and the like.

One passage reads: “Then will appear in the bottom of the vessel the mighty Ethiopian, burned, calcined, bleached, altogether dead and lifeless. He asks to be buried, to be sprinkled with his own moisture and slowly calcined till he shall arise in glowing form from the fierce fire … Behold, a wondrous restoration or renewal of the Ethiopian!”


This was recovered from the basement of Michael Felder in Martin’s Beach, Massachusetts, on August 30, 1926, by Professor Beaurigard Johanson, Dr. Katie Brooks, and Chip Mathers.

Untitled fragment from Nicholas Melchior

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