Witchfire Tome

Hafnirsson Document


Middle English by John Hafnirsson, 1302-1310

This musty, crumbling manuscript is roughtly the size of a dictionary, bound between copper plates seet with human bones in a pretty mosaic.

The untitled manuscript tells the tale of John Hafnirsson, son of a Saxon Earl who, in the Year of Our Lord 1302, found himself outlawed by a petty Norman baron who coveted Hafnirsson’s daughter: Guillaume de Pont-Voisy. Fleeing England for France aboard his vessel, the Stag, Hafnirrson and his crew were blown off course by a freak storm and, after a year of wandering, starvation, mutinies, and attacks by sea monsters, ended up (with only his first mate still accompanying him) in an equatorial jungle inhabited by a degenerate people calling themselves the Shabbiths. Hafnirrson tells of hideous rituals (one involving the sacrifice of his first mate to a horrible monster named Shabbith-Ka) and joining the Shabbith tribe. Hafnirrsson likens the fearsome Shabbith-Ka to “dauncing wicche-fyr, purple-hued, yes poss’d of Spirit most Foul.” Hafnirsson relates that after his sacrifice to Shabbith-Ka, his first mate, Erik, was little more than purplish dust.

Hafnirsson finally escaped from the Shabbiths only by creating and concealing a strange symbol in his robes, and thrusting it forward at a ritual sacrifice to Shabbith-Ka. The “dauncing wicche-fyr” turned on the Shabbiths, slaying hundreds before shooting into the sky and allowing Hafnirsson to escape in the confusion. Hafnirsson returned to England and turned his “wicche-fyr” loose on M. de Pont-Voisy and his followers, and ends his tale by proclaiming himself avenged.


Discovered in a secret temple under the Hardy Carlson home near Charing Cross, N.H.

Witchfire Tome

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