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The Arkham Advertiser is the more aggressive of the two Arkham papers, even printing extras for Arkham when news dictates. The Advertiser tends to pring more features (especially about technical and scientific wonders), comics, and ethnically-slanted international news than does the Gazette.

Regular office hours are 8 A.M. to 6 P.M., Monday through Friday. Someone is usually in the office or the pressroom, even at midnight, but everything closes tight at 10 P.M. Saturday to 8 P.M. Sunday. The regular morning edition runs off at 3 A.M. If news warrants, revised editions – extras – run at 8 A.M., or 11:30 A.M., or 4:30 P.M. These later editions are in small quantity, for local street-sale distribution only. A story is rarely big enough to warrant four editions in one day. Only one such edition each appears Saturday and Sunday. The Sunday edition is run and distributed Saturday night.

Daily editions cost 3 cents eaach; the Sunday paper costs 7 cents. Special editions are printed for the Fourth of July, Armistice Day, Thanksgiving, Christmas, and Easter, with as many display ads as possible.

The publisher and managing editor if 42-year-old Harvey Gedney. Roberta Henry, 23, is one of only two full-time reporters/editors on staff.

Arkham Advertiser

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