Arkham Cab Company


433 North Peabody Avenue, Arkham.

Depending on demand, up to four cabs are on the streets from 6 A.M. until 10 P.M. seven days a week. The company has asked to proved 24 hour service, but the selectmen hesitate, believing that this might promote crime and loose behavior.

Two cab stands exist, one in front of the cab company and one by the newsstand at Garrison and Main. At the latter, a direct phone line links the stand with the cab office. Cab orders can be taken by phone in the grungy second-floor office, and cabs sent directly from the stand outside. No cab has a radio; two-way radios are much too large, too expensive, and twoo delicate.

Trips around town are a flat-rate: 25 cents in town as long as no bridges are crossed, 25 cents each time a bridge is crossed, 25 cents for each mile out of town, and 50 cents an hour to wait. A cab and diver can be hired for eight hours at a cost of $4 and the promise of a tip of more than a dollar.

Arkham Cab Company

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