Arkham Gazette

Gazette office hours are 8 A.M. to 5 P.M., Monday through Friday, and 8 A.M. to noon on Saturday.

The Gazette is published at 3 A.M. six mornings a week; Sunday papers are run Saturday afternoon at 2 P.M. and distributed that evening. Though it has happened five times since 1900, it takes a big event for a Gazette special edition.

Issues currently cost 4 cents, since it’s a bigger paper than the Advertiser, publishing about 20% more text daily than its Arkham Rival. Sunday issue costs 7 cents.

Of the two Arkham Newspapers, the Gazette is the more conservative, featuring town and valley news to the virtual exclusion of international events. It is specially notable for its large number of county corresponents which report family visits and other crossroads events. It has never missed an edition in 122 years of publishing.

The managing editor of the Gazette is 62-year-old Michael Crane, who’s family owns the paper. Willard Peck, 44, is the Gazette’s chief reporter.

Arkham Gazette

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