Kingsport Bus Station and Trolley Station


207 Howard St., Kingsport

This weathered building is the terminal for buses to and from Arkham, as well as the local trolleys circulating Kingsport. Telegrams can be sent via Western Union.

Arkham Bus Line: A one-way fare to Arkham costs 25 cents, with departures at 9:55 A.M., 12:55 P.M., 3:55 P.M., and 7:55 P.M., Monday through Saturday. The trip takes less than 20 minutes. Buses from Arkham arrive in Kingsport at 9:35 A.M., 12:35 P.M., 3:35 P.M., and 7:35 P.M.

Local Trolleys: These electric-powered coaches run on rails set in the streets, and they are powered by lines suspended overhead. They are in service from 6 A.M. to 8 P.M., Monday through Saturday. It costs 1 cent to board and an additional penny for every neighborhood crossed. A trolley likely passes any given stop every 3-18 minutes.

Western Union: Western Union can send a stateside telegram for 3 cents a word, while international rates run five to six times that amount. Telegrams sent stateside usually arrive the same day, while international telegrams may take a day or more to deliver. Incoming telegrams are delivered by bicycle messengers.

Kingsport Bus Station and Trolley Station

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