St. Marys Teaching Hospital


450 S. West Street

Arkham’s only hospital, St. Mary’s has 165 beds and operates a 24-hour receiving room. All local physicians in good standing are affiliated with the hospital, whose day staff are recognized experts in surgery and medical care. The night staff consists mostly of nurses, residents, and interns, supplied by the School of Medicine. Doctors with private practices in the area are associated staff. A doctor who is expelled from hospital association has effectively ended his Arkham career.

An establishment rock-ribbed in its Protestantism, the hospital changed its name at the behest of the last will and testament of Mrs. Mary Elliot Wharton, an Episcopalian, who left the trustees $150,000 for a new wing in 1892.

The campus physician is Doc Waldron; his infirmary and office are in the basement of the Science Hall.

Cost of Treatment at St. Mary’s: Price depends greatly upon the nature of the injury or ailment. An emergency room visit for a flesh wound costs about seven dollars, while surgical procedures with anaesthetic begin at $200. A standard examination or check-up costs three dollars. The treatment of illness costs from five to fifteen dollars a week. It costs four dollars a day (plus treatment and doctor visits) to stay in a four-bed ward. Private rooms equipped with telephones can cost more than ten dollars a day.

St. Marys Teaching Hospital

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